Keeping Your Business Current with Document Scanning

There was a time when businesses had to keep a stock room which would hold their documents for an infinite period of time. However, transporting the documents is cumbersome, and locating a specific file is exceedingly inefficient.

Thanks to modern technology, all businesses can now go digital. Document imaging is a new concept, where physical files – bills, contracts, letters, anything – can be converted into digital documents. Not only do these files take up less room, this style of storage will also save your time. The scanned documents are fully searchable, which means that you will never need to sift through piles of papers again.

Not only does FileSave Imaging clear your clutter, it removes the cost of storage space for and maintenance of the papers. FileSave Imaging takes businesses beyond their limits. Employees no longer need to be in the office to access their files; they need only an Internet connection to connect to what they need.

Once the documents are digitized and stored, they are completely secured. The physical documents can be destroyed with your approval. Destruction is done in a secure manner, and we will issue a destruction certificate for your records. The new digital files are stored in a server with intensive security; the documents can only be accessed by those who are authorized to do so.

There are no limitations on the type or size of the documents that are to be scanned. If you want it to be digital, we’ll make it happen. The digital files are available to be accessed at any time with authorization. The stress of securing and storing documents becomes extinct. Employees no longer need to spend time scanning documents, and they can focus their time toward more productive tasks.

Regardless of your profession – doctors, lawyers, business owners, banks, anyone – FileSave Imaging’s services will improve your efficiency. Simply put, your documents are digitized and securely stored at a low cost to you. With FileSave Imaging, accessing your files no longer requires digging through a mountain of papers; finding something on a document is just a click away!

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