Security At Your Fingertips

Safe File Cabinet

Keeping Your Data Secure

 Document imaging has become a necessary tool to satisfy the need to archive extremely large amounts of paperwork that organizations are required to maintain. As protected information is digitized, it becomes necessary to protect it in a manner different than one would protect a tangible paper document. Digital documents must be protected not only at their final storage facility, but at the time of digitization, and during transmission as well. Likewise the controls necessary to protect the electronic documents in their final location are vastly different than those used to protect a filing cabinet, a safe, or a warehouse.

Our Team provides best-practice service to support and protect your organization’s projects and data.  Utilizing the  latest innovations and processes, we provide your organization with the highest quality scanned documents using the most security methodology in the industry today.

You can feel secure in the knowledge that your data is protected and accessible to you 24/7. We understand that your document management system must meet the highest security standards while providing instant access to records, while creating a substantial cost benefit, to your organization.

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