Keeping Your Business Current with Document Scanning

There was a time when businesses had to keep a stock room which would hold their documents for an infinite period of time. However, transporting the documents is cumbersome, and locating a specific file is exceedingly inefficient.

Thanks to modern technology, all businesses can now go digital. Document imaging is a new concept, where physical files – bills, contracts, letters, anything – can be converted into digital documents. Not only do these files take up less room, this style of storage will also save your time. The scanned documents are fully searchable, which means that you will never need to sift through piles of papers again.

Not only does FileSave Imaging clear your clutter, it removes the cost of storage space for and maintenance of the papers. FileSave Imaging takes businesses beyond their limits. Employees no longer need to be in the office to access their files; they need only an Internet connection to connect to what they need.

Once the documents are digitized and stored, they are completely secured. The physical documents can be destroyed with your approval. Destruction is done in a secure manner, and we will issue a destruction certificate for your records. The new digital files are stored in a server with intensive security; the documents can only be accessed by those who are authorized to do so.

There are no limitations on the type or size of the documents that are to be scanned. If you want it to be digital, we’ll make it happen. The digital files are available to be accessed at any time with authorization. The stress of securing and storing documents becomes extinct. Employees no longer need to spend time scanning documents, and they can focus their time toward more productive tasks.

Regardless of your profession – doctors, lawyers, business owners, banks, anyone – FileSave Imaging’s services will improve your efficiency. Simply put, your documents are digitized and securely stored at a low cost to you. With FileSave Imaging, accessing your files no longer requires digging through a mountain of papers; finding something on a document is just a click away!

Is FileSave Imaging Right for you?

ComputerFileSave Imaging specializes in document scanning, document indexing, document hosting, and file destruction in addition to full project management. How do you know if our services would work for your project or your business?

Do you have a great deal of paper files taking up too much space? If so, then you could benefit from our document scanning program, which turns your papers into searchable PDF files. We will scan your documents either on site at your business or at our facility – the choice is yours.

Do you have a large amount of unorganized or uncategorized files on your business’s network? Document indexing allows you to quickly and accurately retrieve your documents and images based on unique identifiers such as a file type, customer number, customer name, and invoice number. This increases your efficiency by eliminating the need to perform time consuming and inaccurate searches.

If your electronic files contain a great deal of confidential information, then we can provide a document hosting service for your business. This provides a secure access point so that only allowed users can view the files. The hosting service can also include security monitoring.

If your confidential information is stored on paper files in your office, then we can convert the files and perform document destruction to eliminate the hard copies of the confidential information.
If you’re a business owner, consider these services as a way to build a more secure, more efficient office. Peace of mind and organization are two of the most important factors in a productive workspace. Give us a call today at 732-828-8080 for your free personalized assessment!

De-clutter your Workspace

Piles of papers, old documents, post-it notes, paper clips, tissues, receipts and granola bar wrappers—does this sound like your work desk? Then you need to de-clutter your office! Whether it’s a space you share or your own desk, keeping the space you work in clean and organized can benefit your state of mind and the overall quality of the work you produce.

At FileSave Imaging, we are dedicated to making things easier for you. Our staff, equipment and expertise can assist your office by providing a full-service project that will be done off-site with start to finish quality control in order to streamline and de-clutter your valuable workspace!

But why is a clutter-free workspace so important you ask?

Keeping your workspace free from mess is necessary to ensure the quality of work you do. When your space does become cluttered, it can ultimately affect your work performance in many negative ways. When you are working in a cluttered environment, your mind is distracted. Papers piled in disarray probably remind you of unfinished tasks and may be a reminder or past work situations.

Organizing your workspace helps you stay focused and prioritize what is important for you to get done now. When you de-clutter your space, you are getting rid of physical distractions that keep you in the past. You are removing dead weight that holds you back from moving forward and ultimately, this also de-clutters your mind.

Our full project management service can help you regain control of your workspace! Clear your desk and your mind and let FileSave Imaging make things a little simpler for you. Easter Seals has the staff, experience and equipment necessary for your full-service project. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to clarity!

Filsave Protects Against Identity Theft

At FileSave Imaging, we are all about making things easier for you. We are also about keeping your information safe. When transferring your files to the digital world, we provide the most secure processes and procedures to be sure your information stays safe. However, what do you do with the paper documents that have now been transferred? You can’t just throw them away because that puts you or your business at risk for theft.

Identity Theft Pie ChartIdentity theft encompasses a wide variety of theft both online, in person and from a distance. Did you know identity theft is the misuse of any of your personally identifying information including: your name, Social Security number, credit card numbers, and any other financial account information. There are a variety of ways in which thieves can get your information. Here is a breakdown of a few of the ways:

Phishing – If you haven’t heard the term, you’ve probably heard of what it is. Thieves pretend to be companies online and send spam or pop-up messages in which you fill out personal information and then they use that information to gain further access.

Stealing – Stealing isn’t about getting a few dollars, or pawning jewelry anymore. Thieves take your address, bank cards and anything else they can find in your wallet or purse, and do whatever they can to steal your account information and identity.

Dumpster Diving – Rummaging through trash looking for bills, or other paper with your personal information on it can give a lot more to a thief than you might imagine. That’s why it’s vital that you don’t throw your documents away.

So, you definitely don’t want to throw the documents away, and you can’t shred them because it’s too time consuming. Here’s where we make things even easier. FileSave Imaging offers a document destruction service. Once our project is complete, and all of your files have been transferred, we will destroy the paper documents, and we’ll do it at a great rate. What could be easier than that?

2012: The Year to Get Organized!

Year after year, we say, “This year is going to be different, this year I will stick with my New Year’s resolution.”

One of the top ten New Year’s resolutions each year is to get organized.

Unfortunately, we aren’t often able to accomplish or maintain this resolution.  Well this year really can be different when it comes to organizing your business or office.  With our document organizing and safe-guarding solutions we can help you accomplish your organizational goals for 2012 and add a touch of philanthropy to really amplify your New Year’s transformation.

Getting organized can feel like an impossible feat.  The papers stack up; the file cabinet overflows, and the task of keeping everything straight and in order can be daunting.  But it isn’t impossible!  Digital imaging can turn 20,000 pieces of black and white pages into a single CD.  Just imagine the space 20,000 pieces of paper are taking up in your office.  With digital imaging, not only are you getting organized but you are, safe-guarding your information and also making space for new possibilities in the New Year.

We make the seemingly impossible task of getting organized, not only possible but also simple and effective.  Our document indexing allows you to quickly and accurately search and retrieve your data.  Getting organized this year will not only reduce the stress that comes from not being able to find what you need when you need it, but it will also save you time, as you won’t need to search through stacks of files until you find the one you need.

We make New Year’s resolutions because we want to accomplish something we think will make our lives better.  When we don’t act on those resolutions and we put them off until next year and then the year after that we keep possibilities at bay.  This year don’t put it off, because when if comes to organizing your paper work or digitally preserving documents, getting organized doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming.  Using our service you are also helping to support the employment of individuals with disabilities in NJ. That’s surely an added plus. We can help quickly and affordably reach your goal to be more organized in 2012, with no stress!

Getting organized will never be so easy; we even pick up and deliver!